Acupuncture is medicine for your spirit

Spirit- the essence of you, your deepest self, the core "you", the seat of your emotions and character, the "you" without fear-driven thoughts and societal conditioning. All of us humans get muddled sometimes during our lives, we have moments when we can not decipher who we are or what we want, what we need, what we love. We have moments when we do not understand the why's and how's of life. When we are trying to make sense of life's big questions, it helps to go inward, introspect, and find your own answers for yourself, within yourself. But the act of finding answers can be challenging, at times.

Acupuncture can connect us better to our core selves. Especially in times when we know that we are feeling lost and disconnected. Here's how: when the flow of Qi is at an optimal level during acupuncture, depending on which points are used, you may experience a greater sense of calm and peace from which a connection to who you really are inside, can arise more easily than if you were in the middle of your day and distracted, or working, or driving, etc. Acupuncture creates an environment for better self-awareness and the information gained is valuable for being oneself, which is really all we should be doing-- being ourselves. Besides uncovering information about yourself, acupuncture can help to align your emotional state and your physical body to a better state of correct Qi flow, which leads to a daily feeling of being connected to your self, your needs, and the way of living that is correct for you. Acupuncture can provide an additional way to experience better clarity and better connection to your inner knowledge. Would you like to give it a try? Do you have questions? Feel free to contact me!

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